Monday, January 20, 2014

Be Inspired for Today

1) This week's motions will be like most: a mix of fun, serious, funny, and inspiring. Let's start with the last. This past week, the Shreveport Council heard from citizens about a proposal to repeal a Fairness Ordinance that would prevent someone from being denied housing or employment based on sexual orientation or being a transgender. One man was behind the repeal and was the only dissenting vote on the measure. An LSUS student, Pamela Raintree, spoke out against his prejudices. Here are her comments. I'm so proud to see people speaking up for good. Well done Pamela! Equality for all!

2) I know this is old, but Zach Galifianakis just cracks me up. I promise you will enjoy this all the way to the end. The bit at the end is just everything comical. Enjoy the laughs.

3) This one speaks for itself. I love folks who just get it, ya know?

3.5) This is also inspiring. "someday" is the disease you carry to grave. Make your somedays into todays.

4)We have the ability and complete power to do good. It's been given freely and all we need to do is realize, accept, and use it. We are the only thing stopping ourselves. Why would God make a creature that he couldn't empower? Do parents make kids they don't teach and empower? No, because they want them to think on their own, do great, big things. God wants this too, because He believes in us. God is not some man in a cloud. He's the glue that keeps this all together and us involved. He pushes and pulls the air we breathe and has given us the strength to become mighty. Let us not squander that out of fear or disbelief. Remember if the God of the Universe can believe in us, then surely we can believe in ourselves.

5) Continuing with God, something I've always believed but have been unable to put into words is my belief that God is not a man. God is not a "He". I know the pronoun and words are used throughout Scriptures, but I see who God is from what He says in the beginning when he made man & woman in his image. God, both images, but neither. It's my belief that saying God is a "He" is more a placement of something and not a definition of His sexuality. As someone who has grown up calling God a "he" all my life, I'm working to find a new way to call this God. This expansive, good God.

6) On the movie front, I have one movie I'm SO excited to see and another that I completely loved seeing.

 - "God Loves Uganda" is an extraordinary film that goes into length about the problem with right-wing evangelism that has caused the country of Uganda to become extremely anti-gay. I hate when people educate others on the Bible in such a way that it takes away more than it gives. If it's not "good news" then it's not the Good News.

- "Into The Wild" is a favorite film of mine. In 7th grade, I read this novel and was inspired by Christopher McCandless to live an adventurous, amazing life. His story and experience reminds me of the wanderlust contained in my soul and to never let the fire extinguish.

7) Kye Kye's new album is another new favorite. I love this band for the ethereal, other-worldy tone they bring to their music. "celeste" & "fantasize" are two of my favorites. If you like Sleeping At Last, Bon Iver, or Coldplay, I recommend them for you.

Thanks for reading. Here is some inspiration for you to carry. Happy MLK Day!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Motions: Returning to the Beginning

1) Here I am, at it again. Post-one of the greatest adventures in my life (See video montage of my Invisible Children Roadie Travels below).  If you want to know more about my travels with the most amazing group of friends & world changers, just ask me! So as not to overwhelm, I’m changing the layout of this blog. Still individual motions, but shorter content and number of motions. Cause we all know average attention span is like this |   | . Onward into the Great Unknown.

2) Having a whole nother family with my friends at Invisible Children has made this transition from Roadie to “real life” that much easier. Life must be lived along with people who will carry you, bring out the best in you, and constantly encourage you along the way. Find your friends and love them.

3) Never has an album been so relevant, amazing, full, and well-timed as Switchfoot’s newest work “Fading West”. I’d recommend it as a top listen for anybody.  The themes of making choices matter, the brevity of life & importance of decisions, and the need for people to make a difference is mind-blowing. Let it soak into your veins and pour into your eardrums. Knock on the sky.

4) On the movie radar, I’ve gotten to enjoy “Her”, “About Time”, and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. In one line each:

“Her” is a proactive, cutting-edge, realistic look into the nature of love and laws of life combined with amazing acting & imaginative storyline.

“About Time” gives a light-hearted but tear-jerking look at the mysteries of time travel & falling love, with a deep lesson to be learned.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” proves that taking risk with this brief life we all have matters most when we come alive and can enjoy all that life can give us, adventures & all.

5) I’m grateful for writing, freedom to explore & enjoy, my supportive family, my IC family, Team Heartland, my savings, my friends, technology, and music.

6) If you want to read more of my adventures on the Road as a Roadie, I had a separate blog for that. Enjoy it hereskies!

7) I love feedback, whether a share, a comment, or even just a view. Thanks for reading about my life and enjoying the adventure.


See you next Monday.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Motions: Together

meditAtion) I like this meditation today:

Why is it that Mother Teresa could stand up before crowds of thousands
and repeat simple New Testament phrases, and blow people away?!

She didn’t say anything new: Jesus loves you, she assured us.
We’re sons and daughters of God and we have to love Jesus
poor. Yet people walked out renewed, transformed and converted.

She wasn’t a priest. She wasn’t well educated. Her authority came
from her life-style and her pure goodness.

Servanthood and foundational surrender are the true basis for teaching
authority in the Church, much more than title, vestment, role, or
office. Such lives have the authority of Jesus himself, and need no
special ordination.

Boom) When people get angry…

Crazy) Nothing like a website to actually put you in the role of those who need our help. This scenario-builder places you as an unemployed person with $1000 in assets and sees how long you’d last. It’s a scary story as I know many friends in this exact place. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Dumb) Jon Stewart takes on Wal-Mart in his usual sarcastic way. Oh and FOX News too. I love this guy

Eulogy) As many know, the Connecticut shootings have caused heavy hearts in every soul. It is the universal truth that a child’s life is seen as innocent and worth saving, and when death comes upon a child, all mourn. We all mourn the terrible loss of this tragedy, and we pray to grow better as a society to not allow such an evil to happen again.

Finals) I feel like this could have been true of folks last week during finals.

Good) Here’s to doing good. The last man is my favorite. Photobucket

Hnnnnggghhhh) The caption is perfect here

hIlarious) Nothing. Beats. This. Photobucket

Journey) 20 places I’ve never heard of but should totally visit? Yes please!

Kristmas) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! 

Love) I wanna know what love iiiiiiiiiis. I want you to show meeeeeeeee


Mayor) Quite possibly the coolest mayor ever. This is the mayor of a major city in Iceland. His story is beyond awesome.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Motions: You Gotta See This

Amazing) I think this video will blow your mind. It’s basically “if the planets were as far away from us as the moon is, what would they look like to us?” and let me just say, the last one, Jupiter, is absolutely mind-blowing. You gotta check this out. Scale from Brad Goodspeed on Vimeo

Bahahaha) How funny would it be if all the animals in the world were just super obese? Well this one cartoonist put together such a scenario, and let me tell you, it’s quite funny. Watch this fun little animation.

Czech) So there’s this guy who is running for Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Why is he so significant? He is the first fully-bodied tattooed individual to run for such a position…in the world. Might I add his running platform is pretty amazing too. Check out this article about him.

Dodgeball) What’s better than dodgeball? TRAMPOLINE DODGEBALL!!!! Good LORD I have to do this before I die. This looks like what happens when epic and awesome make sweet sweet love and have a baby. Okay you get my point. 

intErview) So Russell Brand…caaaaannn be kinda annoying, but he did this talk-show interview with a couple dudes from Westboro Baptist Church, and not only was it funny, but kinda insightful. Set aside some time to check this out. I promise it’ll be worth your while.

Funny) Jolly brilliant to meet you good humansir!

Gay) Jesus loves the gays!
Highland) I am now the proud co-owner of an apartment in Highland with my buddy Cash! I’m so excited for the new endeavors that life on my own will bring. You can see some great pictures of the place here

Ingenius) These are some pretty witty and creative sketches. Check them out.

Joke) Texts from dog has GOT to be the funniest thing I’ve seen recently on the internet. I could totally see myself being a dog like this.

Kristmas) Every time a bell ring, an angels gets its wings……oh boy

Love) I just love Cyanide & Happiness

Movedc) Earlier last month, I got the chance of a lifetime to travel for 9 world changers from Centenary to Washington DC to march on the White House and Washington Monument, as well as meet with world leaders, over the issue of the LRA & Joseph Kony. If you don’t know about this atrocity that has been affecting Central Africa for the last 26 years, visit to watch every informational video. Also, checkout this video from our trip coming soon. Thank you to everyone who came out to show your support!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Motions: Off We Go

Activism) This Friday, I will be embarking with 8 other people in a 15 passenger van in the wee hours of the morn to Washington DC for MOVE:DC in correspondence with KONY 2012 & Invisible Children. We are going to meet with World Leaders, to march on the White House, and to connect in the language of dance…all over the issue of Joseph Kony’s LRA. This war has plagued Central Africa for over a quarter of a century. The displacement, lives lost, and lives affected by this war is coming to end. We will stop at nothing until peace is reached, until restoration has begun, and until the world unites to say: ENOUGH!!!

Bible) So I do this thing where I read the Bible, and I stopped across this verse from Matthew 26. It says:

 While Jesus was in Bethany in the home of Simon the Leper, a woman came to him with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on his head as he was reclining at the table.
 When the disciples saw this, they were indignant. “Why this waste?” they asked. “This perfume could have been sold at a high price and the money given to the poor.”
Aware of this, Jesus said to them, “Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a beautiful thing to me. The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me. When she poured this perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial. Truly I tell you, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.

I don’t know about you guys, but my mind does this a lot. Going out to eat with friends, seeing a movie, going on a trip to DC:  Couldn’t we do something else and give this to the poor? Well this verse ponders me on that: What am I getting out of that meal, that social outing, that trip to DC? Question the purpose of the gift, not the gift itself. Sometimes, it can more powerful than the purpose we want to change it into.

Cool) This is a cool instructional for my friends with TOMS shoes. Getting them wet is a death sentence. Here’s a great preventer of that deadly inhibitor!

Disney) In wake of the Disney/Star Wars merger, enjoy these memes describe just how Star Wars might of/will be 

Epidemic) Watch this video that shows a truth not many people know about our prison system. Slavery never died; it just changed.

Frisbee) This raccoon is just THROWN by a GORILLA!!!!!! It looks like a frisbee!


Highland) I love my YellowHouse Community. Their commitment to their faith, their love for the world, and their constant joy in their work is inspiring. Read their recent blog post describing the richness of community and some stories they’ve come to experience in recent weeks. Love you family.

Interesting) Let not the past be the Dictator for today, but let the moment be the Leader for now.

Joy) Bob Goff is probably one of my favorite “living-and-breathing-the-way-of-truth” kinda people. Seriously. Follow him on Twitter for a day and you will be so so so enriched. Well, you need to read this article written about his basic approach to living an extraordinary life. He does it so simply that you may just garnish a thing or two for your own life J

Killer) A NEW ZOMBIE MOVIE IS COMING OUT!!! This is like “I Am Legend” meets Michael Bay. Holyyyyyy crapppp!!!

Laughs) Because I’m still trying to figure out HOW THIS BABY DOES THIS!!!!!!

Make) You make me happy when skies are grey.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Motions: Time to Talk

Answers) Have you been looking for answers from God? Praying fervently, maybe even yelling at him/her? Be bold to God. He/she can handle you, and he/she uses those in or around you to speak. Be open.

Bam) Checkout this Halloween costume I made with Luke Lee! HOW LEGITIMATE IS THIS!?!?!

Community) Yesterday at church I got to witness community & prayer in action. Our pastor, Derek, had chosen two people in the community (A&B) that no one knew who they were except him. In an experiment of prayer, he asked the community to pray for God to lead them towards praying for person A or B and once that was decided, to pray for God to speak through them for that person, whether by verse, phrase, picture, etc. IT was astounding. I wrote something for a girl in our community who I don’t know but is going through some rough patches in her love life and the words I felt God laid on my heart spoke directly to her situation. It’s pretty amazing the potential we can tap into when allow ourselves to become focused on God working within us for Himself and others. It’s amazing.

DC) I need your help. Several Centenary students & I are travelling to Washington DC November 16-19 to participate in a rally called MOVE DC with Invisible Children & Kony 2012. We are meeting with world leaders, marching on the Capitol, and celebrating the human connection by moving together. This event is our giant yell to the world to say that we won’t allow the LRA to go for another year. Consider helping us get there by download & printing this flyer & going to Rhino Coffee next Monday! 10% of your purchase will go towards helping us MOVE DC! Thank you for your support and stop at nothing!

Engine) My friends of Engine have released their 3rd album entitled Lands of Sleep. The self-titled song is fantastic. My favorite off the record. The artwork is fantastic. And the band is just glorious. I’d invite you to check them out and see what they’re about here

For Real) Nothing better than this. A chick runs into an intoxicated dude who wants to sing with her on the guitar. This is the result. It’s simply beautiful.

Gay) This guy is my hero. Bring about the change in our world!!

Hell) Ever hear of phrase “scared the hell out of me”? Duh, of course you have. Do you ever wonder what that means? What if it relates to the fear of God? Like God scares the hell out of you? Stay with me here. Narnia. Yes. Narnia. Remember the part where Aslan roars at that one Narnians? Scares the "crap"... out of him. Remember Jesus approaching the person possessed by a demon named Legion? Jesus scares the hell out of him. The demon begs to be put in the pigs. Just interesting thoughts.

Interesting) This is a good experiment for people trying to figure their likes or passions or calling in life. What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life? Checkout this video and maybe meditate or write a list on this. Let your imagination be the guide.

Just) Read below.

hurriKane) Have you seen pictures of how BIG Hurricane Sandy is? This thing is something out of “The Day After Tomorrow”. Why aren’t we waking up to the reality of climate change? Let the skepticism and ignorance cease! We are killing our chances of living on this planet. We waste resources, we pollute our world, we do not tend to nature as we should, and we shrug and say “What impact could I possibly have” or “it’s not my problem”. IT’S EVERYONE’S PROBLEM! WE ALL LIVE HERE AND WE ALL CONTRIBUTE!!!! No one is innocent of this atrocity that is on our hands. We have to change and change now. We have to reduce our gross over consumption. We have to rid ourselves of the belief that more is better. We have to be happy with enough and a means to live. We have to stop wasting products because we don’t know what goes into making them or where they come from. We need transparency in our products. We need to be better citizens of this planet. The time to act is now, and if you aren’t on board, you are a part of the problem. Somebody needs to speak up about this without fear of reprisal or judgment. Stop this idiocracy and start renewing our ways!

Lyric) I was reminded of a very deep lyric from my friend Sarah Duet of the late Pedaltones band. The song is “Sincerely To & From Christene” and the lyric is “Let tension be the bedrock for catalytic moves.” It speaks so deeply about how the suffering, the battles, the tension in life, can be the catalyst for the most beautiful growth and creativity in our lives. Working bad to good and defeating evil with good. I love it!

Meow) If this cat DJ doesn’t make you just laugh, I don’t know who you are anymore